My Kid’s New (And Adorably Diplomatic) Theory of Evolution

By Wendy Thomas Russell | April 22, 2014

My daughter has this tendency to go all existentialist on me while riding in the car. I’m not sure what it is about this particular setting that motivates these sorts of talks. Is it sitting still with nothing else to do? Is it gazing up at the sky? Do all kids do this? Anyway, the other day, while driving Maxine and one of her friends to the pool, I listened as the two struck up a conversation about God. I can’t remember how it started (I didn’t turn on the voice recorder until later), but […] Read more – ‘My Kid’s New (And Adorably Diplomatic) Theory of Evolution’.
Daddy, Daughter Discuss God (Again); More Cuteness Ensues

By Wendy Thomas Russell | May 13, 2013

My husband and 7-year-old daughter had another totally awesome conversation about God a few days ago. They used to do that from time to time, but it’s been a while since the subject has come up in much detail. I sure love it when it does. The talks are always fun, insightful, thought-provoking and, frankly, cute as hell. They also present Charlie with golden opportunities to teach Maxine about honesty, diversity  and the importance of kindness. Anyway, this one’s particularly good, so I wanted to share: Maxine: Where do you think God is? Like, which house or school… […] Read more – ‘Daddy, Daughter Discuss God (Again); More Cuteness Ensues’.
Where’s an Omniscient Policeman When You Need One?

By Wendy Thomas Russell | May 24, 2012

Whenever my daughter starts talking about God, I try really hard to treat it like any other ordinary subject. But, inside, you can be sure I’m doing one of those Napoleon Dynamite “yesss” fist pumps — because, chances are, if one of our God conversations lasts more than a few seconds, I’ve got myself a blog post. You know where I’m going with this. On Friday, Maxine had a playdate with a good friend of hers (who I love dearly and whose mother happens to be a good friend of mine). Both girls are in […] Read more – ‘Where’s an Omniscient Policeman When You Need One?’.
‘But What if Santa Believes in God?’

By Wendy Thomas Russell | May 3, 2012

One of the best things about writing a parenting blog about religion is that people send you their funny, insightful and just plain cute religion-related kid stories. Especially if you ask them to. People who read blogs are nice that way. So, to brighten up your Thursday, here are seven stories guaranteed to make you smile — if not guffaw. Enjoy! And thank you, readers, for sharing your lives and laughter with me. Laura wrote: My 5-year-old daughter, Alice, and I were talking this past December about all the big questions: Who is God? Do you […] Read more – ‘‘But What if Santa Believes in God?’’.
God, That’s Funny!

By Wendy Thomas Russell | January 30, 2012

There are few things I enjoy more than hearing stories about the cute and funny things young children say. I think it’s the combination of their undeveloped vocabularies, eagerness to imitate adults and dead-pan delivery that makes kids of a certain age so damn engrossing. My nephew is about to turn 3 and running at full-throttle in terms of cuteness. Every single thing that kid says or does charms me to one degree or another. I remember when Maxine was 3 — I was always reaching for my notebook to write down things she’d say. Here […] Read more – ‘God, That’s Funny!’.
‘I Love God, Even Though God Is Not Real’

By Wendy Thomas Russell | November 10, 2011

The best part about writing a parenting blog? Sometimes your kid composes the blog for you. Remember the time she drew a picture of God, and it turned out looking like a yellow cyclops with male pattern baldness and a handlebar mustache? Good times. Well, it happened again this week when Maxine walked into my room while I was getting dressed and showed me this little goody. If you’re not familiar with kindergarten composition, it’s meant to say: “I love God, even though God is not real.” See what I mean? Silver platter. So here’s the […] Read more – ‘‘I Love God, Even Though God Is Not Real’’.
Cheers! God Can Kill You With the Push of a Button

By Wendy Thomas Russell | October 17, 2011

My 6-year-old likes to talk about God. She delights in the idea that the Big Guy upstairs made everything she sees around her. And she’s eager to explore why some people believe this, and others don’t. I do my best to explore along with her, but sometimes my best isn’t great. I misspeak and have to backtrack. Or I complicate matters more than necessary. But Maxine never seems to hold it against me, and our conversations usually fluctuate between amusing and downright enchanting. Below is an example of one of our recent chats. I should […] Read more – ‘Cheers! God Can Kill You With the Push of a Button’.
Daddy, Daughter Discuss God; Cuteness Ensues

By Wendy Thomas Russell | September 15, 2011

Since my husband and I started talking with our 6-year-old daughter about God, the cuteness factor of our conversations has pretty much shot through the roof. Most God talks are so cute, in fact, that I’ve decided to have my thumb surgically attached to the Voice Memos app on my phone. A recent example: Daughter: I believe in God. And Nana believes in God. Husband: Why do you believe in God? Daughter: I know what he looks like. I’ll tell you what he looks like.  He has a very white, long beard that reaches up […] Read more – ‘Daddy, Daughter Discuss God; Cuteness Ensues’.

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