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Relax, It's Just God: The Book

Due out March 31, Relax, It's Just God: How and Why to Talk to Your Kids About Religion When You're Not Religious offers a well-researched look at a timely subject: secular parenting. With chapters on avoiding indoctrination, talking about death, vaccinating kids against intolerance, dealing with religious baggage, and getting along with religious relatives, the book offers a refreshingly compassionate approach to raising religiously literate, highly tolerant and critically thinking children capable of making up their own minds about what to believe. The book may be pre-ordered by visiting Brown Paper Press.

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                  That Time I Wasn’t Hung Up On By a Radio Host By Wendy Thomas Russell | February 10, 2015
                  The first time I was interviewed for a radio station was 15 years ago. The BBC called me to talk about a political convention I had been covering. I was so nervous and exhausted from a long day. And they threw a question at me that I wasn’t prepared to answer. I don’t remember what I said, but I was apparently just terrible because the host thanked me for my time about seven seconds into the interview and then hung up on me. Nothing more humbling than being hung up on by the BBC, people. Anyway, this morning, I was interviewed again — this […] Read more – ‘That Time I Wasn’t Hung Up On By a Radio Host’.
                  ‘Science Stories’ Column Garners Response by Jezebel By Wendy Thomas Russell | February 6, 2015
                  Jezebel, the deliciously snarky feminist blog, today wrote a response to my PBS NewsHour column (“Skip the fairy tales, and tell your daughter science bedtime stories.”) The Jezebel response (“Should You Ditch FairyTales and Teach Your Daughter Science Instead?”) was great. Mostly. The writer certainly agreed with the notion that we should be giving our daughters more exposure to science and mathematics, but then said: “Where I disagree with Russell is on the idea that you have to ‘skip the fairytales.’ I think you can cultivate a spirit of independence in young girls without totally ditching fairytales, […] Read more – ‘‘Science Stories’ Column Garners Response by Jezebel’.
                  ‘Science Stories’ on the NewsHour By Wendy Thomas Russell | January 29, 2015
                  After the rather surprising (and surprisingly controversial) success of my last parenting column for the PBS NewsHour’s website — which garnered more than 700,000 page views and and was featured briefly at the tail end of the TV broadcast (!!) — the NewsHour has been kind enough to publish another of my columns. This one is about the joys of watching Charlie give Maxine a true and abiding appreciation for science, the kind I never had myself as a child. I hope you’ll check it out. Here’s the link. Read more – ‘‘Science Stories’ on the NewsHour’.
                  The Case for Having Only One Child By Wendy Thomas Russell | January 13, 2015
                  Parenting an only? If so, you’ve probably heard the litany of reasons to have more children. (Haven’t we all?) But there are two sides to every story, and to provide a bit of balance (and humor) to the procreation debate, I’ve written an essay in defense of making your kid an only. It was published this morning over at the PBS NewsHour, and I’d be awfully grateful if you gave it read. Read more – ‘The Case for Having Only One Child’.
                  For Some Delightful ‘Murdertainment,’ Tune in March 6 By Wendy Thomas Russell | January 7, 2015
                  In my prior life, I was a newspaper reporter covering murder trials. One of them involved the murder-for-hire of a Long Bech mother named Lynn Schockner. The case gained national attention because two police officers were actually on the front porch of her home while her throat was being slashed on the back patio. It would have been a comedy of errors if it weren’t such a tragedy. As it turned out, the police had done nothing at all wrong. They were simply investigating a possible prowler in the neighborhood and had no idea there was […] Read more – ‘For Some Delightful ‘Murdertainment,’ Tune in March 6’.
                  Undoing the Santa Lie By Wendy Thomas Russell | December 15, 2014
                  If you have a free moment — Hahahahaha, like anyone has those anymore — head over to the PBS NewsHour site and check out my column about lying to kids about Santa. Although I think there are perfectly good reasons for doing the Santa thing and for NOT doing the Santa thing, I’ve got some advice for those like myself who have entered Santa territory lightly but worry a bit about the fallout when the Truth prevails. In the end, I realized that what’s important isn’t how parents do the whole Santa thing with their kids, but […] Read more – ‘Undoing the Santa Lie’.
                  NewsHour Twitter Chat By Wendy Thomas Russell | December 11, 2014
                  A big thank you to the PBS NewsHour for inviting me to join last week’s Twitter Chat about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to celebrating holidays in multicultural or interfaith homes. I joined two other authors and NewsHour data producer Laura Santhanam, and it was a lot of rapid-fire fun. I’m told a full article on the NewsHour website is forthcoming, and will keep you posted. Read more – ‘NewsHour Twitter Chat’.
                  New Blog: Natural Wonderers By Wendy Thomas Russell | September 15, 2014
                  Pack your bags, folks. We’re hittin’ the road. As of this week, I’ll be hosting a brand-spanking-new blog over on Patheos called Natural Wonderers: Raising Curious, Compassionate Kids in a Secular Family. The idea for the blog came from Dale McGowan, who is now a managing editor there and invited me to take on the project this summer. The timing is perfect, as I’ve just wrapped up my book (due for release in March) and will tasked with promoting it over the next six or eight months. The archives from this blog have already been moved over to the new digs and, at […] Read more – ‘New Blog: Natural Wonderers’.

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